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The Art of Beauty


The Art of Beauty

About Kai Life Clinic

We Provide The Best General And Plastic Surgery

Kai Life is a premium and bespoke, skin health and wellness
brand that was established to empower people to look and feel their confident best.

Our services

What Services We Offer

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    Our Staff

    Meet Our Team

    Noora Dehaybi

    Senior Beauty Therapist

    Alessia Camba

    Skincare specialist

    Luliana Cotocel

    Senior Beauty Therapist

    Dr. Majid Kazemi

    Rhinoplasty Surgeon

    Dr. Ady Bayer


    Dr. Ozgur Aglamis


    Valentina Panfilio


    RD.Lynn Adada

    Head of Nutrition and Wellness

    What People Say About Us

    Kai Dubai is a true gem for women seeking laser treatments and effective anti-aging solutions. From the moment I stepped into the clinic, I was greeted by a friendly and supportive all-female staff. The certified doctors listened attentively to my concerns and designed a personalized laser and anti-aging regimen to address my specific needs. The results have been incredible, with my skin looking more youthful and radiant.

    Isabella C

    The clinic’s certified female doctors are incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. They carefully explained the benefits of HIFU and other cutting-edge anti-aging procedures, giving me the confidence to proceed with the treatments. The clinic delivered exceptional results, and my skin has never looked better. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to choose Kai for my skin enhancement journey.

    Olivia K

    Kai is truly a sanctuary for women seeking laser treatments and anti-aging solutions. The expertise and professionalism of the all-female team are unparalleled. During my consultation, they took the time to understand my skincare goals and created a tailored treatment plan that incorporated laser technology and advanced anti-aging techniques. The affordable pricing was an added bonus, ensuring that I received top-quality care without breaking the bank. I am thrilled with the outcome and highly recommend kai to any woman looking to enhance her natural beauty and combat the signs of aging.

    Sophia L

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